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About Keller Creative 

Jonathan and Claire are a husband and wife team based out of Woodruff, SC. They met while attending North Greenville University and married shortly after graduation. Now, years later, they are the proud parents of a spunky toddler, Harrison, and  the people behind the lenses of Keller Creative. 


Jonathan's vision for Keller Creative started long before, with a Kodak camera in the backyard of his childhood home. He quickly became the family photographer and gladly accepted the role, documenting special moments throughout the years. In college, he started experimenting with videography and quickly found a passion for story telling. As a collegiate athlete, he created numerous highlight films for athletic events, sharpening his skills and growing his passion along the way.  


 All the while, Claire fell in love with photography as she fell in love for Jonathan. She had dabbled in the art a little with her own small Nikon that went every where with her for a few years as a teenager. Claire's love for art took a different route in high school as I found a passion for drawing and painting. It wasn't until she started dating Jonathan that she picked up a camera again and it soon became a common interest for them. She began helping Jonathan with projects and that lead to the shooting of their very first wedding together. And as they say, the rest is history.


Jonathan and Claire love what they do and they love the people they get to meet along the way even more. God has blessed Them with the opportunity to witness and preserve so many beautiful moments and they look forward to all the moments to come. 

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